India’s relationship with Bangladesh

Two examples of the good relations and differences between India and Bangladesh

There are some good relations and discriminatory policies between India and Bangladesh. Among those policies, two positive relationships and two discriminatory aspects can be mentioned as follows:

Good relationship aspects-

a) Both countries have agreed against terrorist and undesirable activities between the two countries.

b) The two countries expect to make joint efforts to improve economic, financial, trade, transport and communication areas through the establishment of peace and harmony.

Discriminatory aspects-

a) There is a sense of dissatisfaction over the sharing of Ganga water which is a barrier between the two countries. The two countries also signed various agreements on the Farakka Dam built by India. However, Bangladesh has been offering opposing views in this regard.

b) Another notable aspect is the sense of dissatisfaction between the two countries over the border issue. The two countries have long been at odds over barbed wire fencing to deter immigrants.

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